Transmogrify is a Java code analysis and manipulation architecture. Currently, the focus of the architecture is as a refactoring tool.


May 21, 2001
Transmogrify Milestone 2 has been released. This release has the first features of a lint tool and a code twiddler. See the changelog for more information. It is also possible to download just the analytics core (symbol table, etc.) for those of you itching to extend it in your own way.

May 7, 2001
Transmogrify Milestone 1 has been released. This is (obviously) the first release of the application.


User's guide

The things you'll need to know to use Transmogrify to refactor your Java source code.

Developer's guide

The things you'll need to know to extend Transmogrify, e.g., how to add additional refactorings, or perform other code analyses.


Javadoc of the important classes for Transmogrify.