JBuilder Setup

Transmogrify requires JBuilder 4. While it may work on earlier versions, we have done no testing with it. JBuilder 4 Foundation can be downloaded from the Borland website.

In the following instructions, %JBUILDER% refers to the root directory of your JBuilder installation.

  1. Place transmogrify.jar in %JBUILDER%/lib/ext
  2. Place a JAXP compatible XML parser and put it in %JBUILDER%/lib
  3. place all jars that your projects require for compilation in %JBUILDER%/lib
    add the appropriate jars/directories to the file %JBUILDER%/bin/JBuilder.config
  4. Place refactorings.xml file in %JBUILDER%
  5. Place printer.properties in %JBUILDER%
  6. add the following line to %JBUILDER%/bin/JBuilder.config
    addpath ../
  7. Start JBuilder. A Transmogrify menu should appear on your menu bar.